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Applying to USA ?

Applying to a US University 
Choosing the right US institutions from thousands and applying there could be really a challenging task for any students. Though Universities in the USA are very interested and eager to assist international students who may want to study for an Undergraduate, Graduate, Ph.D., short-term study abroad or an English language preparation program. Most universities have staff to assist students but the process can take 4-6 months or more, so interested students are encouraged to prepare well in advance of the time they wish to enroll.
In the USA there are approximately 4000+ universities so there are many options to choose from. Most four-year universities ask students to provide a number of documents that meet their requirements for admission. In order to gain admission students need to submit an application to each university, pay required processing fees and provide academic and financial documents, usually 4-6 months before classes begin.
To select the best university, students need to spend considerable time reviewing university web sites, working with an advisor, talking with friends and family members and, when possible, be in contact with the universities directly. Students need to make sure the universities they select match their academic background and English language preparation (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL) and have the on-campus support resources they may need. Knowing where the campus is located, its size, the amount of funds needed each year, the strength of the academic program, as well as the campus atmosphere, are all important factors to consider when choosing a university.
But, the students who work with Midway Global Network will find the process to be an easy one as our staff will assist in recommending several universities that match their interests and budget.
Many of the universities will waive the students’ application fees when working with MGN staff. Once an acceptance is obtained, we assist students in securing the needed financial documents (bank statements and additional financial credentials) to receive an I-20 and visa. These financial documents are needed by all international students prior to traveling to the U.S. for study at a university. Also, once the student’s get their Admission Letter and I-20 from their desired US Institutions, we guide them for Visa Interview through our Visa Interview Preparation Class and taking visa dates. Lastly, once the US Visa is granted, we conduct pre-departure session and make sure they reach their dream destination safely.
How to Get Your U.S. Student Visa? What are the guidelines to help make your student visa application process smooth and successful?
International students who desire to enter the United States for university study, must first secure a visa from their home country. All students who are not U.S. citizens must secure a student visa to attend a U.S. university.
There are two main student visas that are available for university study: (F1 and J1) as well as a separate visa (M1) for non-academic or vocational schools.
• F1 Visa – Issued to students who will enroll in academic degree program or an English Language program. These visas are valid for the length of the degree program, (usually two or four years until the completion of your study).
• J1 Visa – Issued to students who will study for a short term period (one or two semesters) or for practical training that is not available in their home country. This visa is usually issued for one year.
• M1 Visa – Issued to students who will attend a technical or vocational school which is non-academic, non-degree. This type of visa is not for work (for compensation) in the U.S.
To secure a Visa for a US university the basic steps are:
• Apply and be accepted to a U.S. university.
• Provide the university with requested financial documents. This usually include a bank statement, affidavit of support and sometimes a separate university I-20 application. These documents must show students have the financial resources (from themselves, their families or sponsors) needed for their U.S. education.
• The university will review all financial documents to make sure there are sufficient funds for the students’ tuition, housing accommodations, travel, and misc. expenses. If approved, the university will issue the student an I-20 form.
• Once a student receives an I-20, the next step is to contact the U.S. embassy or consulate in their home country to schedule an interview.
• During the interview process, a U.S. official will discuss the students’ plans to study in the U.S. and review their academic and financial documents.
• Upon successful completion of the interview, the embassy will issue the appropriate visa.
• Once a visa is secured, students can finalize their plans to travel to the United States and enroll at their selected university.
Midway Global Network staffs are always available to assist students through the entire application process to secure their visa.

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