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One of my friend recommend me about this Midway Global Network during the pandemic. As they were very new to me so I was not sure whether I should apply through them or not? But my friend insisted me to talk to him once so from Birjung, I talk to him through phone. When I talk with Pravin Dai, he explained me so well that I couldn’t change my mind again. Without even seeing him, I trusted him and emailed him my documents & he did the rest. He didn’t charge any money for the entire processing. From University selection to application, visa interview preparation till US Embassy and departure briefing, everything was FREE of Cost. To add, he was always there to pickup our phone to clear our doubt & confusion and for visa interview queries. I met him after I got an opportunity to meet him and I was totally surprised to see such a humble person, very down to earth. I heartly thank him to make my US journey successful and suggest every student to meet him once before selecting any other Education Consultancies in the town.


BS in Biomedical Science
Winona State University – Minnesota
I found this Education Consultancy through facebook. I contacted them through mobile and in our first conversation Pravin Sir convinced me so well that I couldn’t stop myself applying through him. Due to locldown, as I was in my home gaighat so I sent him my entire documents via email and he did the needful for me. He was always there to listen me for my endless queries during the entire process. I also refered 2 of mine friends to him and luckily we all 3 friends got the US visa for same University. We all met him only after we got the US Visa and after meeting him we were over whlemed with his hospitlity. He treated us like a brother during these entire process and now we have a good bonding for ever. Therefore, I have no words to thank him except saying he is the Best US Counselor in the Kathmandu. So, I highly recommend to every US dreamers to meet him once and there will be no looking back for you.


BS in Biology – Allied Health
Winona State University – Minnesota
I was very confused in selecting US Universities so I was hunting for the right Education Consultancy. Everyone I spoke with asked me for the money for processing without clearing my doubts. So, one of my friend told me about Pravin Dai at Midway Global Network. As I was in Bhairahawa so couln’t come to Kathmandu so I called him through phone. He had answer to my all doubts and gave me a confidence & hope to apply through him. So, as per his suggestions I emailed him entire documents and stayed in touch with him. Since we 3 friends had applied through him for the same University but different subjects, we all got our Admission Letter & I-20. He prepared us for US Visa Interview and guided us for US Embassy at New Delhi and luckily we all 3 friends got the US Visa too. Upon return to Kathmandu, I got an prevelege to meet him in his office. He is just a cool guy, very friendly and trustworthy person to rely on. I have a very high respect to him, he helped us without any service charge. Lastly, he is just one in a millions, so you can blindly trust him if your are planning to go USA for your higher studies.


BS in Computer Science
Winona State University – Minnesota

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